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About Us

We are a Pre-School that focuses on learning through play and creating a home from home for children before they enter the world of Primary School.

We have places available from 2 years up, and Funded Early Education and Childcare is available for 3 and 4 year olds and eligible 2 yr olds. If you would like some more information please contact us with your details.

Sunny Sandcastles Pre-School is Ofsted registered. As a business run by local early years specialists, we have a passion for community. Both the owner and the manager grew up within a mile of the setting and we believe in creating strong bonds within the local and surrounding areas to be a place filled with happy memories, trust and familiarity.

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Our Typical Day


We start the day with taking the register. During this time we will have some carpet time with the children where we will talk about our theme of the week which could be a number, a colour, an upcoming celebration like Christmas or significant day like International womens day! We will also discuss fire safety every morning and talk about expected behaviour.

Following this, playtime begins where the children don’t realise they’re all working with the EYFS curriculum. Each area of the curriculum will have at least one activity out every day. This provides the children with ample opportunity to learn through play and grow through the stages of development. The children will be observed in all kinds of situations and there will be teacher led activities for them too. During the morning the children will also sit down for snack time and will learn about tidying up, hand hygiene, exploring different foods and healthy eating. After snack time we like the tummies to rest a bit before getting stuck in again so we will have some quiet reading time, a teacher led story time or some singing time. Then off to play again until lunchtime.


Currently children that stay for lunch must bring in a packed lunch from home. We all sit together for our lunch and the children are encouraged to eat as much of the lunch you provide as possible and to eat it at a good pace reducing the risk of having a tummy ache or choking. Children are engaged in conversations about their favourite foods from home, healthy eating, hygiene and other topics while allowing them to enjoy a calm an relaxed lunch. When the children have finished eating they will be encouraged to sit in our chill out area with a book while their food goes down.

We operate a strict no nuts policy and lunches are checked when the children arrive to ensure they don’t creep onto site. If a child has an allergy then our ‘no nuts’ policy will also cover those allergens and it will be treated with same same level of seriousness and considered carefully. If consumables containing nuts are found they will be removed from the child’s lunch and given back to whoever collects at the end of the day. If we have a child with a known nut allergy on site we may have to take further steps to ensure no cross contamination occurs.


We start the afternoon with another register, the safety of our children is paramount and having an accurate register and headcount helps us to do that. The same activities from the morning will continue and some may be swapped for a while if we feel the room needs a refresh or if there has been a problem with an activity. As the school day draws to a close the children will be encouraged to help to tidy up and we will orchestrate some group activities ready for pick up.

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Elliott Hall, South Wigston, Leicester, LE18 4SA   


Mon-Fri: 9am-3.30pm